Monday, September 24, 2012

Race to 40k Masters

For those that asked the 40k invites for the Masters to be run in Wellington are as follows:
  1. Jack Dunn (Current Champion) and #8
  2. Charlie St. Clair #1
  3. Mark Buttle #2
  4. Doug Sainsbury #3
  5. Haydn Korach #4
  6. Pascal Roggen # 5
  7. Ivan Soo #6
  8. David Wilson #7
  9. Chris Ward #9
  10. Robert Power #10
  11. Simon Farrell #11
  12. Adam Thornton #12
This is all predisposed on the basis that events between now and 31 October (I only know of Conquest) don't change things.

As it is unlikely that all players will accept their invite, there will be passdowns but only to provide an even number and never below #20.

Those players next in line are currently:
  • Daniel Hayden #13
  • David Foster #14
  • Henare Akari #15
  • Matthew Robinson #16
  • Dean Oldham #17
  • Hagen Kerr #18 (but defending Conquest points)
  • James Woodward #19
  • PJ Smith #20 (but defending Conquest points)
It is highly unlikely Jack will defend title (as he will be working in Sydney) so that bumps Daniel Hayden into a place.

Details of the event still to be finalised but likely:
  • 1/2 December (definite)
  • Khandallah (definite)
  • 6 Rounds (definite)
  • 1500 points (definite)
  • Allies (definite)
  • Fortifications
  • Book Missions
  • No Comp (definite)
  • Forgeworld (Umpire's discretion)
Hope that helps.


  1. This post was a fantastic opportunity to remind Nikola that he is f'ing MUD.

    1. But, without me or Jack there, whos gonna beat Charlie... XD

  2. I thought being in the top 3 from last year's masters guaranteed you an invite?


  3. Why on earth would you think that?

    It's not NCEA

  4. Because I'm sure that's what was declared last year? By you?

    1. a wee bit of trawling has revealed that I may have been confused with your statement saying invites go out to Masters' "Winners".

  5. I'd love to see that declaration

    Here's what I said:,3883.0.html

  6. Okay, glad that we are on the same page.

    Can I ask that when people leave comments without logging in that they identify themselves. Makes it much more personal and friendly to answer somebody rather than anonymous.


  7. Sorry, don't have an account to sign into
    So Dave writes: I can see now that you may have meant the winner of each system.
    Cheers Ears

    1. Pretty sure the advice of Ricky Bobby's father comes into play here.



  8. Ahh if only i built a more cheese Eldar army this year i might of got a bit higher close. If i do manage to get into the top 12 i will get smashed, not had a single game of 6th yet HAHA. I will differently cheese it up a bit unlike last years masters when i took a comp friendly army that cost me most of my games. Me and jack need another rematch so close to wining my last game with him.

  9. There is one more event before Masters up in Auckland, but probably too close to Masters for it to count... Will need your ruling on this Pete.
    Vagabond Takapuna's "ENDURANCE" on the 17th of November.


    1. Unfortunately not Doug....31 October is cut-off. This event will fall into 2013 "season".

      The 31 Oct date is to give people the necessary certainty and notice.

      It was a shame ARCHENEMY was cancelled

  10. Yeah I thought so..
    Looking forward to masters, see you then =)

  11. Man..... I've really got to earn some brownie points. I'll be stoked if I get an invite. I was a cheeky s&%t at FoB and told Pete I probably wouldn't be able to make it; but that was when I didn't think I'd actually have a chance.