Monday, September 24, 2012

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Over the weekend I managed to get in quite a bit of hobby despite the hand. Warning – this post is going to have more product placement than a reality TV show.

On Friday I put together some of my new Sarissa movement trays until I ran out of steel paper. Jumped onto the Battlefront site and pleased to see you can now source Gale Force Nine hobby products from New Zealand. I ordered three packs. I am hoping they arrive in the next twenty four hours.

As noted, I received my White Dwarf on Saturday and read that through. One thing I noted was that the electronic copy is released the same day as the physical copy (as long as you don’t live in NZ or Finland). It would be very interesting to know what proportion of codexes they sell electronically compared to the physical book.

Saturday afternoon I painted up some Bloodletters for the Daemons. These are the metal axe wielders and I am very happy with the way the new GW painting scheme – Base/Layer/Wash/Layer/Drybrush/Glaze – is working. Certaintly for army painting it provides the necessary depth to give an above average result. If I’m lucky should finish this second dozen this evening.

While I’ve been painting these models and making the trays, I have been listening to the Black Library “The Primarchs” auidobook. This is a series of shorter stories acting as links to the main story line. I’ve got through the first “The Lion” which, while a good story – it features backstory on the Deathguard, reinforces what sanctimonious pricks the loyalist primarchs are. Lion El Johnson wouldn’t be the first bloke I’d invite to a party.

Fulgrim, on the other hand, is “interesting”. That’s “interesting” in the nutty as a fruitcake manner. The book “The Reflection Crack’d” picks up after Istvaan V and provides a travelogue of the Emperor’s Chidren’s descent into madness. Lucius features heavily and is such a spoilt brat that even the rest of his Legion hate him while whole sections of Fulgrim’s troops have gone over to wielding noise weapons. I’m really hoping the Forgeworld “betrayal” book picks this up. It seems that the Emperor’s Children didn’t walk down the road to the Eye of Terror, instead they skipped/cartwheeled/crowd surfed the path.

Finally, I chased down more participants for Skitterleap. It now looks like we’ll get between 25-30 people at the event.

All in all not an unproductive weekend.

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