Saturday, September 8, 2012

New 6th Edition 40k FAQs

You can find the v1.1 FAQs here

These address both issues in new rules and interaction with existing codices.

Good on GW for putting out a second update so fast.


  1. Paladins no longer characters, the whole when do MC's flying count as grounded debarcle cleared up. Looking great so far.

  2. Apparently they haven't sorted out all the problems with Mindshackle Scarabs, yeah?

    I saw Wolf Guard were only characters if attached to Troops.

  3. Also glad to see that you can't Fortune your Dark Eldar any ALLy combo gone

  4. Im personally really positive about these changes. A good amount of my qualms with 6th have been put to rest

  5. Agreed Nik...

    I don't know how many problems there were with Mind Shackles to begin with, just a few people trying to take multiple bites of a cherry really. The FAQ just came out reinforcing the common sense method.

    1. The only question that really remains is if the mindshakle scarabs take effect before or after challengers are moved

    2. I would also like to know that Jossy. Charlie, are you able to shed any light on when you believe Mindshackle scarabs takes effect seeing as you use them, and believe that there is a common sense method?

      My understanding is that both challenges and mindschackles happen 'At the start of the fight sub-phase' and, given that when two things occur at the same time the player whose turn it is gets to pick the order, I'm guessing you can do the challenge and then do the mindshackles - but would appreciate your opinion. Thanks.