Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Warriors of Chaos?

The drums have been beating quite loudly over the past week that the November release will be an update to "Warriors of Chaos". The expectation is that this means a new book - and certainly that would be the preferred option for the Fantasy base - but GW surprised with the Daemons update. With so much time being expended on 40k and with The Hobbit to hit before year end, you can't rule out another White Dwarf fix-it.

My own feelings are that I'd be surprised if it is anything less than a full book. Though not to the same extent as with 40k, Chaos mortals are a key tenet of the Warhammer lore.

So what would we expect to see in a new Chaos book. Well a few fixes immediately spring to mind:
  • A reason to take Marks other than Tzeentch. Yes, you see some Marauders and Warriors marked Khorne and Marauder Horse marked Slaanesh but Tzeentch is the predominant Mark.
  • This extends to characters where the Disk Lord/Sorceror Lord is the mainstay in most armies
  • A fix for Forsaken. A skirmisher troop type is a great idea and certainly in keeping with the fluff, however the Forsaken are probably the unit least seen in the whole of Warhammer Fantasy (even Razordons get more love).
  • The Eye of the Gods table needs to be fixed - not the concept but the mechanics. How often before a game do you hear "You go and get a coffee while I work out what my Chosen are".
  • I'd like to see Dragon Ogres get some love so they can fill the role of fast moving monsters ala Mournfang/Demigryphs rather than people papering over cracks with Knight bus solution. The knight bus is impenetratable to some armies and so consigns games to borefest from outset - especially if combined with...
  • Two Warshrines. The Chaos Rare needs some love. Upgrade the Shaggoth or introduced a new monster. Chaos Rare at the moment is 2x Warshrines (usually marked Tzeentch) or two Hellcannons if the comp lets you.
  • Chaos seem to be poster boys for the SPCA, they are the only people concerned when their dogs die. Animal lovers yes, but I question the need for a Panic Check.
The one thing I'd hate to see removed is the Infernal puppet. I think it is a great part of the list and a fantastic leveller in the magic stakes. Hope it is perservered with.

So what do you want to see with Chaos?


  1. I have a Chaos warriors army and what I'd like to see; Chaos warriors moved to Special Choice, stackable ward saves removed and puppet removed. That would balance the army no end.

  2. Turn Forsaken into a unit worth taking

    Lose Chaos armor from chaos warrior and replace it with heavy(make chaos armor an upgrade)

    Drop the pts on Warriors

    Increase the Pts on Marauders

    Ditch the puppet or amend the rules from D3 to 1

    Fix the Mark of Nurgle

    Ditch Dragon ogres(stupid concept IMO)

    Add mutations back into the list

  3. I like dragon ogres - Keep them, they should be the armys Monstrous cav unit.
    Marauder Axe throwers?
    Chaos warriors are the CORE of the army, they must stay in core.
    Make Daemon princes actually worth taking.
    I think they will change the marks to a model payment basis, not a 30pt or whatever unit upgrade.
    Make warshrines 0-1?

    1. Chaos Warriors need to be nerfed if they stay in core. As is they're fine moving to special.

  4. The puppet is undercosted as is and needs removed or point correctly.
    Marauders are too cheap and stackable ward saves are broken.
    Most of my fixes are nerfing them lol, however I do think they need some more options and flexability

  5. 1 - Fix Mark of Nurgle - it is is terrible.
    2 - Work the book in such a way players can play a themed army. For example if one wanted to play a full Khorne army without magic then give them some nice magic defence.
    3 - Maybe some bonus for mono mark armies? Assuming a mono theme is not OP to start with.

  6. ld 9 on sorcerer lords
    removing stackable wards - tough but fair
    reworking all three magic lores - toough but fair
    some kind of monsterous cav unit - reworking drogres or mortals on juggers etc
    sort out the marks
    harpies? come on, its the chaos wastes man
    rework points on everything
    hurry up november!

  7. Tim - you are betraying your TK bias ....again :-)

    1. Not really. I dont really have much problem fighting them with TK, although it is a bit boring

    2. Just trolling Tim......Warriors though should make a mess of TKs if WoC set up right and played well

  8. Ben - yep, add Harpies - missed that one
    No Ld 9 on Sorceror Lords - you'd never see a Chaos Lord

    1. They're sorcerers, I agree with ld8.

      If you gonna add harpies, might as well ad beasts and daemons as well...oh wait, that's 6th edition and previous.

  9. Make Chaos Lords Ld 10 they should be the baddest mofos around, and everyone should be scared to run in their presence. Then leave sorc lords at 8 that'd make a decision...

    Otherwise agree with nerfing the ward saves, dkirmisher forsaken, 6pt marauders though you dont see them as is... And give them bows or sonething, warriors need a shooting phase however token. it'd be nice to have mono god bonuses or something but I don't think that's where they wanna go with it...

  10. Exalted Heros to LD 9 or leave @ LD but reduction in points to 100
    Decrease the Chaos Lord's points to 190
    Sorcerer Lord points to 200
    Fix MoN and maybe drop in points value on MoK (by 5)
    Reduce WoC to 14 points each
    Puppet to inc in points value to 45
    New Hvy Cav - Knights on Juggernuats!
    Maruders increased to 5 points and a base change to 20mm
    New Model for War Shrine
    Shaggoth needs a buff or ditch it.
    Chaos Dragon alternative, make a single headed dragon @ 300/320, and slight stat downgrade.
    Harpies or some other type of flying skirmish unit.
    Upgrade Dragon Orges or drop them entirely...

    1. Maybe Heavy Cav - but should be god specific.
      The downside is most of them would look total pants. Slaanesh demons you have broken back, Tzeentch would not look very heavy, and Nurgle..well

  11. I'd be happy if they just dropped the points cost of a throwing axe to less than the points cost of a skaven slave LOL

    1. Get your horsemen to throw skaven slaves instead.....


  12. if chaos marauders are inspired by nomadic tribes like huns and mongols then why don't they have any option for bow or some other missile units. Its rather boring when an army can't compete in one whole phase of the game.