Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Race for the Masters - September Update

Here is my take on the provisional rankings post Guardcon:

I have included those players that have a ranking greater than 200 points. Without full results it is difficult to go much further.

With regard to Masters places, remember Antony Kitson (current NZ Master) gets automatic entry. Then it is the next 11 highest ranked players that can make the event. There is a floor at #20 should there be pass downs that far - and of course the requirement to maintain even numbers.

There are still three tournaments that I am aware of - Conquest (Christchurch), Archenemy (Auckland) - both on Labour Weekend - and Skitterleap (Wellington). That gives great regional opportunities for those in the mix to consolidate their place and those outside to force their way in. Six of the Top 12 above players have already signed up for Skitterleap and I am expecting a field of 25+ so lots of points on offer


  1. Arch-Enemy appears to have been postponed until January (!?).,4125.60.html

  2. The Aucklanders should all come down to Skitterleap then....should be a strong field. LMK if you want a Players Pack

  3. I just thought that I'd give the youngsters a go this year so I've deliberately positioned myself at 21.
    I have to go work anyway - final assembly and prize giving stuff.
    Well those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.

  4. Any details on the tournament yet? Dates, 40k invites etc..
    Some of us poor students need to book cheap flights.

  5. Tournament dates are 1/2 December (this was advised back in January on most forums).

    The latest RHQ rankings will be pretty close to invite list - remember Doubles results are excluded - as I think that only Conquest to go before 31 October.

    Again for 40k - last year's Master (unlikely to attend) - therefore top 12 ranked people. Pass downs as far as #20