Sunday, September 23, 2012

NZ ETC Selection

Dave Grant, the NZ ETC Captain for the past three years has asked me to post the following regarding 2013:

Well, it's been 4 weeks since the ETC... time to start thinking about next year.

As previous years I think the plan is for the prior years team (at least those that can be bothered) to select a few people to pick the team. We have already agreed that if there is enough interest we would like "at least" half the team to be based in NZ - if there is 'significant' interest we may look to doing something more formal if that is wanted.

I will not be going next year (ETC is great, but quite a commitment in time during the school holidays when I have kids that I should probably see), so after 3 years as Captain the baton is being passed on to Mr Chris Wilcox (Kiwi living in Oz if you don't know him) - who has been for past 3 years. I do intend to help with the planning and preparation though.

If you are interested in going, or have any questions please let me know (post on here or PM me). It would be useful to know the likelyhood of you being able to go as well (due to planning required we need a pretty definite commitment if you are selected for the team).

Please note the location for next years event is still to be finalised, and if you want any other details the ETC section of 'The Warhammer Forum' is the place to go. I have also written a report from this year that may give you a 'feel' of what it is like.

So.... anyone interested???

The easiest way to get hold of either Dave or Chris is through The Warhammer Forum ( where Dave is Dave Grant and Chris is archer

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