Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GW Models Are Like A New Car

One of the things I always find interesting are the prices that people attach to their secondhand GW models when they put them up for sale on forums.

Typically you'll see a price that is 70-80% of NZ RRP + postage for models that are poorly painted etc.

There seems to be no realisation that the informed buyer can purchase brand new from offshore for between 55-60% NZ RRP including postage.

This is generally followed with the threat "If it doesn't sell here, I'll take it to eBay, Trademe, whatever...."

There are two important points that should be grasped:

1) GW models don't hold value
2) GW models can be sourced from offshore (GW embargo notwithstanding)

There are a few exceptions to this. At present there is a bit of a premium for the metal version of the model over the Finecast equivalent. However the second hand value of neither is anything like the new price.

I have bought and sold full armies over the year and the rule of thumb I've noted is that to achieve anything like NZRRP on your models the army needs to be painted to significantly better than tabletop quality.

So coming back to the title - GW models are like a new car....as soon as you take it out of the shop you lose 25-30% value.

You break the seal....it's another 10%, put paint on it another 20%.....


  1. Yes and no. If Finecast models came with a 3 year, 100,000" warranty, I think you'd see a whole lot more of us interested in them...

  2. Looking at a local forum I saw somebody trying to sell an unpainted Space Marine army for 90% NZRRP.

    That's over a 50% return on capital......maybe I should set up a Hedge Fund to sell armies to locals who can't navigate a keyboard

  3. I've seen the same thing Pete, I'm currently selling new on sprue models for probably 30-40% offf NZ retail. I have however funded my hobby addiction by buying big lots $300/$400 (kiwi gamers don't seem to take time to split up lots) and take a risk on resale as individual lots. Currently $ 500 in profit and JW got his lizard army out of it.