Monday, October 29, 2012

5th Annual Masters - 40k Invitees (Provisional)

And for the 40k players, here is my provisional calculation of invites. Again this will be confirmed 1st November.

Jack Dunn has auto-invite as defending champion but - as he'll be in Sydney - won't be taking this up. That means his invite drops down to Daniel Hayden.

Those in Green (plus Daniel) should now decide whether they wish to take up their invites and let me know. Official invites will be issued once RHQ updates.

Event is on 1/2 December in Wellington. It will be 1500 points with Allies but no fortifications. Six rounds using rulebook missions.

Acceptences: David Wilson, Mark Buttle, Daniel Hayden, Pascal Roggen, Ivan Soo, Charlie St. Clair, Haydn Korach

Waiting for Confirmations from: Robert Power, Henare Akari


Simon Farrell has declined his invitation so it has passed to David Foster

Doug Sainsbury has declined his invitation so it passes to Henare Akari

David Foster has declined and so Matthew Robinson gets the invite

Chris Ward and Adam Thornton have declined invites and theses pass to Dean Oldham and PJ Smith

Matt Robinson has declined his invite which passes to James Woodward

PJ Smith has declined and so his invite goes to Frank Redmond who also declined.


  1. Hey Pete, count me in for this. Should be a good weekend.

  2. Yeah I'll quite happily sneak in :)

  3. yes please, i'll be there:)

  4. AFAIK Doug, Haydn, Pascal, Ivan, David and Simon have all arranged to stay at my house that weekend, so fairly safe to assume they'll accept.
    I would kind of like to see the responses of the remaining people first (Ward, Power, Thornton) and also talk to Foster/Akari, as I guess potentially passing a spot down to one of those two is something I would seriously consider.

    Haydn is in Thailand being pounded by ladyboys for like 2 weeks, but you can assume it's a yes from him, based off our conversations when I was at his house on Friday night.

  5. ....being pounded by lady boys!

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  7. what happens if theres not 12 people who accept from the top 20?

  8. I work with those that have accepted and make sure that they have a good time :-)

    Six out of the Top 7 have accepted so the competitiveness of the field is not in question.