Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post-Conquest 40k Masters Update

A quick look at the Conquest 40k results indicates that it is unlikely that there will be much change to the current Top 15 ranked players in the RHQ 40k rankings.

On that basis I believe that all players down to #13 can expect to receive invites over the coming month (Jack Dunn is overseas for the event). Noting that Wes has uploaded the results, this will be confirmed once RHQ run the update (month end).


  1. Stoked to see a such a good turn out down south. In it's current state I don't believe Wellington could muster even half that.

  2. I think Christchurch events usually draw pretty well, as they're either well established (Conquest) or doing something different (CavCon), and have an entire island to pull from. People seldom travel from North to South or vice versa (Hagen and Blaise have been the most common north islanders at chch tourneys, though i think Cam Gibbs counts now that he's in Auckland)

    Hopefully we'll see a little more North/South travel next year. I'll try and get the word out about events a little earlier and a little further than this year