Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Managed to get a bit of hobby done in the past week.

First I finished my sonic dread which I posted pictures on the blog. I've now started on some Daemonettes to summon in support of my EC. These are the Juan Diaz metal models and while a bitch to put together look really nice when painted. Aiming to have 25 painted by the end of the month.

On Wednesday night I had a game of KoW with my Varrangur against Higgins' Greenskins. We battled out a hard fought draw over 6 turns. A rematch is planned for this week.

Saturday saw a game down the club with my Emperor's Children vs. Thomas's Guard. When I say game I mean that I bitched about dice for 2.5 hours.....mine and Thomas's. I managed to pull a totally undeserved draw out of it but Thomas achieved First Blood when he vaporised my Cultists.  Really loving the new 40k worst it gives me a chance to moan about dice rather than my own lack of prowess.

Ordered the trophies for the Masters and they should look very nice.

Yesterday I sat down and wrote up the Mission Pack for the 40k Masters. I've had them checked and they are all consistent so that is a good start. The system and missions are brutal in that it is true W-D-L so no hoping to sneak through on a mix of big wins and draws. The winner will be a true Champion.

Also started checking the lists. I have three in so far (two checked). After some initial probs with Battlescribe I'm starting to get my head around it.

So a busy week with another busy one on the horizon.

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