Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Working away on the Daemonettes....another 8 down. Need to finish the last 8 which will give me a decent summoned unit.

This Friday I go on holiday for 16 days. I'd Like to finish a number of projects over this time. Firstly, I have the WotR army to paint. That should be relatively quick. I also have a Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets which I would like to airbrush. Finally there is a ruined cathedral to paint.

My other aim is to crank up the 3D printer again and start to crank out some 40k terrain.

So no big project but enough to keep me occupied.

On the weekend I got the chance to run my Varrangr against Lliam's Forces of the Abyss. From my point of view the game went well and I'm starting to get the hang of the army. It is fun to use but totally unforgiving.You need to win your fights as the army has to smash face or you will get bogged down in extended fights and lose.

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