Monday, December 11, 2017

KOW - NZ Masters Photos

Here are a few photos from the recent NZ Masters won by Ryan Lister with Undead.

First up are the three tables used over the weekend.



The Desert

The First Round was an exact copy of what we would see in the Championship Round - Undead vs. Goblins, Orcs vs. Dwarfs and Trident Realms vs. Forces of the Abyss. Bizarrely the results were the same as well even though the tables were different.

Trident Realms up against the Forces of the Abyss

Undead vs. Goblins - They met later for all the marbles

Dwarfs vs. Orcs
Ryan's "Hedgehog" dice which have symbols on the "1"s. There is a special place in Hell for people who use such witchcraft. It gave me an awful lot of pleasure that twice when I was at his table he rolled "Double Hedgehog" for a Nerve roll.

Dwarfs vs. Undead - Ryan beat Tane in this game but dropped points due to Attrition

Goblins en route to beating the Abyss

The Goblins were really the only Horde army on show

Rob had purchased the Goblins off me three weeks out from the event and then decided he wanted chariots....grudgingly, he got them

Tane's Brocks - they had a mixed weekend by all accounts

What Kent's Wyrmriders were doing in Kislev, we'll never know - Extreme weather event

Ryan's two Revenant Regiments on the rampage

Lliam's Abyssal Horse, Gargoyles, Tortured Souls and Archfiend plotting some nefarious scheme

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  1. Really it was the hedgehog dice that did it for me. :)