Sunday, December 17, 2017

40k - NZ Masters Photos

Here are some photos from the recent NZ Masters.

The first photos are of the tables fought over. I made sure that they were quite densely covered. We also played that bottom floor windows and doors blocked line of sight.

My Imperial Stronghold table

The Imperial Plaza

Another shot of the Plaza

Downtown Krootistan

Hagen's Imperial Fortress

My Ruined City

Sam's Daemons versus Sean's Dark Eldar. The Round 1 game ended in a draw

Sam's Daemon is trying to capture Sean's objective. Ultimately that would prove fruitless but gave Sean a few nervous moments

Cody and Ben in Round 1. Cody would win this however I'm not sure how he got his Dreadnought up on the Landing Pad.

Craig's Imperial Soup up against Vinnie's Chaos. Vinnie would win his first two games to lead the field going into the third round but then he hit a bump. He was however the only person to beat the ultimate champion, Dave Hodgetts.

Dave Foster's Maulerfiends surge into Connor's Necron stronghold

Sean's Dark Eldar up against Dave Hodgett's Guard

Connor's Necrons face off against Craig's Soup. The Necrons found the weekend a hard struggle

Ryan and Cody met in Round Three. Ryan began a slow rise through the field and would finish 3rd

Sam and Ben had a Daemon off. Magnus and his two "little Friends" would prove too much.

Simon's Guard up against Vinnie's Chaos

Scott's 8 Model Army up against Dave Foster's Chaos.

Eldar Civil War in Thunderhawk Down

The Dark Brethren were two strong for the Craftworld kin

Ben's Magnus + 2 proved too strong for Vinnie's Alpha Legion.

Sam's Daemons came up against Scott's Guard. Initially he pushed the Baneblades back onto their board edge.

However eventually one of the Superheavies made it to the downed Thunderhawk to claim the win.

The Baneblades were very nicely painted. Good airbrush skills on show.

Sam's Tzangors - probably the nicest infantry unit in the tournament.

Scot's Necrons up against Cody's Bobby G list

The meeting of the Guard. Dave Hodgetts triumphed over Simon in the 4th Round.

Fittingly, battle was fought out on the Imperial Plaza