Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Xth Annual New Zealand Masters - 40K Version

The Fields of Blood NZ Rankings season ends today and all the qualifying results have been uploaded to the system (Thanks Jack).

As a result it is possible to make the invites for the Xth NZ Masters which will be held on December 2nd & 3rd.

This year invites have been extended to the Top 20 ranked players in the FOB Rankings. This is to provide reasonable time for the players to determine if they want to participate. In the past we have built to a field of 12 but this year the field will be expanded past that if we get more acceptances.

Already eight of the invitees have accepted their place which is good for the first 24 hours. I'll be keeping invites open until 7th November and then finalising the field.

A Players Pack will go out this weekend detailing the event. There will be six rounds and armies will be 1750 points.

In the next week Jack and I will be looking at collapsing the burgeoning army classifications in FOB and then announced Best in Race winners for the year.

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