Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

A highly productive week, the last seven days.

I finished my EC Terminators. There is an opportunity to add more detail but they are mostly complete. What was really nice was trying some new techniques on them. They have lacquered armour while the plasma guns have both lighting effects and heat effects on them. I'm really happy with how the combi-plasmas came out both modelling wise - no two are the same - and painting wise. The unit provided me the opportunity to use some of the Secret Weapon Miniatures paints and washes. They give some great finishes.... I was also able to do some power weapons on other squads with the airbrush and got some nice transitions. So all in all a lot of new hobby techniques tried and the finished force looks pretty cool IMO.

The whole army has been based now and is ready to hit the table. 

Next unit is my Warp Talon squad....primed and I've started painting.

Finished the Lucius book and Chaos CSM Codex. Will start on the Death Guard book next.

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