Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

On Saturday I had my first two games of 8th using my Emperor's Children.

In the first game I got slaughtered as I played very poorly against the Spite and shooting of Thomas' Thousand Sons. The second was against Tau and after having a very bad first couple of turns I pulled it back to a winning draw.

I had the +1 to go first in both games and I think my set-up reflected this. In both cases I didn't win the roll-off so I went second. This really hurt me. In future I need to consider whether it is worth burning a Command Point.

During the second game, a Tau flyer was streaking away after a bombing run. It was on 2 wounds after being mauled in the air by my DPoS. Two remaining Noise Marines shot at it with their Sonic Blasters and brought it down. The numbers say that they had a 4% chance of doing that, but never underestimate the power of the Wall of Sound (tm).

Yesterday I read up on the Charge and Fight phase and now have a much clearer understanding of the nuances and tips/tricks associated with both 😈

On the painting side I finished my first Warp Talon and I am happy with the final product. I kit-bashed myself a Sorcerer with a Jump Pack using a mix of 30k plastic bits, FW Horus Heresy Emperor's Children bits, old metal EC bitz and a pair of wings from the Possessed kit (thanks Liam Miskelly 👍).

I also received my Slaaneshi Shoulder Pads from Shapeways. These give me some options to add complementary Shoulder Pads to my EC as I paint them up.

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  1. I have been thinking of changing around the knights weapons to include the AA mount due to the number of things that fly.