Tuesday, October 3, 2017

40K - Emperor's Children New Additions

Finished some Emperor's Children over the past week. Grabbed a Terminator and a Noise Marine to show the colour scheme I went with.

The Terminator was kitbashed using a variety of parts - 30k Terminator, old CSM bolter and add ons, SM plasma gun, Chaos Rhino parts, Harlequin bits, Ogre bits etc. So a real mish-mash.

Here you can see the combiplasma I built. I'm happy with glow and heat effects. The side of Eldar is there to attract Daemonettes.

He has a Harlequin head hanging from his belt plus he has decided he quite likes their face mask as a fashion accessory.

The second is a CCW Noise Marine. All my existing Noise Marines are fitted with sonic weapons so I've built a squad of close combat specialists. For these I used the Forgeworld Palatine Blades, in this case with a simple head swap from a 2nd Edition Noise Marine.

I love this head and scrounch them up whenever possible.

Still got some highlight work to do on this guy.

Really like the shoulder pads they give you with these figures. Screaming angels.....what's not to like!

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