Monday, October 9, 2017

Yorkist War of the Roses Army for DBA

The Warlords are looking to run a series of War of the Roses DBA events in 2018 so I have purchased figures to build an army.

Towton 1464 - The Bloodiest Battle Fought On British Soil

The DBA War of the Roses army 1455-64AD is as follows:

  • 1x 3Kn or 4Bd (General)
  • 1x 3Kn or 3Cav  or 4Bd
  • 3x 4Bd
  • 6x 4Bw
  • 1x Art or 4Sp
My army is going to be based on Warwick's Yorkists at Towton.

The first is the Command element. I will build both the Foot and Mounted options. The second element are your Nobles/Men at Arms. As most of these fought on foot at Towton I'll go that route. The 4Bd are the Billmen while the 4Bw are the Longbowmen. These I'll use the plastic Perry WotR infantrymen. Finally I'll add the Art element using the Perry artillery piece.

Nice little painting project and the opportunity to use some snow basing.


  1. Pete

    it looks like there are slight differences between the DBA 2.0 list which your looks like and the DBA 3,0 list which would be:
    1 General Knight or Blade
    1 Currors, Cavalry or Light Horse or unreliable horde
    4 Billmen, blades
    4 archers, Bow
    1 gun, Artillery
    1 auxilaries, Pike or Aux or (men at arms Knight or Blade) or Ps

    I don't think it really matters do you?

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