Monday, September 26, 2016

Commitment - Bacon & Eggs

There is an old saying that explains commitment in terms of Bacon and Eggs.

"In B&E, a chicken participates while a pig is committed!"

Well in terms of KoW, my Goblin army is following the way of the pig. I say "my", it's actually Jack's goblins. But he is sitting in Boston so I'm feeling pretty safe.

The Night Goblins were based for Warhammer but I suspect that they will see more use in KoW, so after speaking to Jack, I began Multibasing. This is no small task given it requires two Legions (one a Horde plus additional base to convert to bigger unit) and two Hordes to start with. I want to hit the actual model count so that's 200 of the little blighters.

Off come the individual bases, setting the goblins free!

That's two Hordes of archers ready for Multibasing.

The bases from Sarissa, textured and painted waiting for the models.

The start of the Rabble...only 100 still to go!

The good thing is that I can do this while I watch TV so I should get it done by the weekend.

Once complete, the Goblins will be well and truly committed.


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  1. I'm turning all my armies into pigs. Quite happy to burn that bridge!