Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chaos Space Marines Update

Games Workshop are releasing their latest supplement "Traitor's Hate".

I'm not sure about the title - shouldn't it be "Traitors' Hate" - but this update to Codex: Chaos Space Marines is missing the one thing Chaos adherents have wanted back since Gav Thorpe's bastard offspring - Legion specific rules.

No need to dust the Noise Marine Havocs, Noise Bikers, Noise Dreads or Noise Termies.

Nothing to see here. Wake me up next edition



  1. Apostrophes are the first casualty of Chaos corruption.

    1. Traitors to the one, true God-Emperor don't deserve special rules.

      Also, I think that guys axe is too small, as are the vanes on his helmet. How can he do the Dark Gods' work with such small appendages?

  2. Don't they get access to Smurf psyker powers? (or ruinous versions). They threw you a few crumbs, didn't they?