Monday, September 26, 2016

COK Scenarios - Control

On Saturday Ryan and I were scheduled for a game and decided to try out one of the two new COK scenarios. We rolled up "Control".

The premise of this scenario is that the board is split into six 2' x 2' squares - three on each side. At the end of the game if you have more points in units (not including Individuals) in the square you "Control" it. Each square is worth 1 Contol Point except for your opponent's centre square which is worth 2 Control Ponts TO YOU. The player with the most Control Points wins.

My understanding is that it was developed by the TO of the US-based Lonewolf Tournament.

I can't say just how impressed with this scenario. From a tactical point of view it is fantastic. You are forced to constantly reassess throughout the game as to what the probable endpoint is. IMO it is the best KoW scenario to date. I'll certainly be using it as a staple in future.

In our game, Ratkin vs. Undead, the Rats were able to achieve a solid victory. However, this was largely achieved as a result of an error Ryan made. He had a unit of Wraiths worth 240 points in one square while I had a Horde of Shock Troops (235 points). He charged them over an obstacle, hindering himself in the process. My countercharge wasn't Hindered and I was able to do 9 wounds. Some above average Nerve rolls saw me break the Wraiths and claim the square. In this case Ryan didn't need to charge me as I was worth less points. If he had received the charge instead I would have been Hindered.

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