Thursday, September 22, 2016

Terrain - 3D Printed Tower

The last 3D piece I printed was Printable Scenery's Guard Tower and this week I finally got around to painting it.

Here it is with one of the Brothers Grimm (my Herd Shaman) for scale.

This time I used a product I found on the web called XTC-3D which acts as a finishing agent. It is a two part resin product that masks some of the printing striations and imperfections.

You just mix it and brush it on, then leave for 2-3 hours. It certainly provides a much superior finish over the raw product as a painting surface.

The model is six parts. I've glued it together for use - PVA - but it could be easily left unglued and the interior fitted out. I'll do that with my next print.

Very happy with the way the roof painted up. It really benefitted from the resin finisher.

So the plan from here is to base it so it is ready for tabletop action.

For those interested in the economics. The cost of printing materials was approx GBP 2.50 (USD 3.00 or NZD 4.00). The finisher is NZD $25 but I suspect would do 5-6 buildings this size.

Tabletop tower for USD 5-6, not too shabby.



  1. It looks great Pete. And cheers too - I was wondering just the other day how the economics of the printing worked out.

  2. I saw the XTC-3d on sale at Micro-Mold the other day and wondered about the overseas shipping, so good to know it can be shipped internationally.

    Cost of printing info much appreciated as well.

    1. I bought it from a Hamilton store. So domestic shipping

  3. Reading your post and looking at your pictures is really tempting me to purchasing a Printer. Do you have a review of what 3D printer you have?