Monday, September 5, 2016

Terrain - THM "Volcanic" Kickstarter

As I posted about ten days ago I received my Kickstarter terrain from THM for their recent "Volcanic" project.

Over he intervening time I've been using my evenings and part of this last weekend to paint it.

This is the main piece and it is 11" across. The central altar comes off revealing a pit.

To paint the pieces I first removed the minimal flash then washed them in detergent to remove the mould release agent. They were then sprayed Black. The lava areas received two coats of Vallejo grey primer and then GW Averland Sunset.

Here is the finished batch. This equated to roughly $200 NZD - read GBP 100/USD 140. I have tried to match them to work with a FAT Blast Zone mat that I have.

Here you can see the removable pit lid - with altar. I haven't decided what to do with pit yet but am erring towards filling it with boiling blood.

The lava pool. Once I had a good yellow base coat I got out the airbrush and used the various yellows and oranges I have in the Badger Minitaire range to produce the lava effect. By judicious over spraying you can get a lighting effect that reflects the lava glow on surrounding rock.

The broken column and broken statue. THM has created interesting pieces that are fun to paint.

Various lava pools. The two at the top give a hint of the "overglow" effect.

There are also a series of obstacles. For the wood I've gone for a parched/bleached look.

There is also a lot of scatter terrain featuring smaller pools, stalagmites and sundry outcrops.

Very happy with how it turned out. I was a bit hesitant about trying a lava effect but with the airbrush it is pretty easy.

Looking forward to getting them on the table in the next little while.



  1. Outstanding paint job!
    Thank you Pete

  2. Looks really good. Looking forward to mine turning up. Hopefully Abyssals will be ready by then.