Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Work progresses on a number of fronts at present.

Firstly, I have started painting my THM Volcanic terrain. The lava has received a base coat - Averland Sunset over two coats of Vallejo Grey Primer (brushed) over Army Painter Black (spray). And the rock is on its third colour over a black spray base. I'm hoping to finish the rock this week to allow me to spray the lava on the weekend.

Secondly, having finished all my Herd basing, today I got 10 Mierce Taurox that I am using as Guardian Brutes. Originally I was going to put five on the base but I may have to reconsider that as they are large figures. I'm hoping I'll get them based this week.

Finally, I have been undertaking "The Great Leap Forward". This is a rationalisation/organisation of all my hobby terrain. It involves new garage storage but also determining what to keep and what to get rid of. As a result I have a large pile of (mainly) 40k terrain I'm going to sell - craters, fliers, urban buildings, jungle terrain, 40k ruins, basecloths, mdf buildings etc. I'll take it along to Maelstrom (next 40k event locally) but if any locals want to come and rake it over first then let me know. I also have about 5-6 6'x4' mdf tabletops if anyone needs a board.


  1. Hi Pete
    How much would you want for one of the mdf boards?

  2. Hi Peter.
    Keen on a MDF board. How can we make this work?

    1. Email me on and we'll arrange it