Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Terrain - Merchant's Townhouse

With me having free time in the evening - due to getting through household duties during the day - I'm finally getting a number of projects finished.

Over the weekend I was bugging Sam as I've finished basing all The Herd I've got back and was told that good things take time. So out came some terrain I had partly based and I've moved onto that.

The first of these is the Merchant's Townhouse from Tabletop World. Regular readers will know that I have a lot of these pieces and that I love working with them. I use them as gaming pieces and they are ideal for KoW.

The house has been mounted on mdf, fenced and landscaped.

The walls at the front were printed on my 3-D printer.

The fences are by Renadra while the trees are old ones from Citadel.

Base measures 8" square which is great for some Height 4 impassable terrain.



  1. Nice, you must have a whole village of that stuff by now. Always good to have more terrain finished.

    1. Yep....pretty much. And I "accidentally" bought a new piece this morning.