Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review - Mantic Centaurs

A few months ago I purchased some Mantic Centaurs for my The Herd. These were a new release this year and I believe are part of the Forces of Nature range.

These models are metal rather than restic or plastic. They come in a box of five and there is also a Champion/Charactermodel that comes in its own blister.

Being used to GW metals of the past I was quite surprised how soft the metal was. It is very very bendable. I worry in the long term that the legs of the centaur of the weapons will break with normal use. We'll see.

The Five Centaurs with the Centaur Lord in the Foreground

I think that the models are a step up from the GW Centigor models in terms of sculpting. Certainly they are not as clunky or mono-posed.

The real problem with these models from an ease of use point of view is that they are broken into too many component parts. This makes them a real pisser to put together. In particular the arms are seperate from torsos and hands and the horse body is in two halves. I would suggest that they are not great for new modellers in that they are fiddly and have significant gaps. You can see in the photos the amount of green stuff filling I had to do.

The Five Centaurs - My Champ (Rear) came sans Tail

All the figures required filling and filing to get them ready to paint. What is surprising is that the Centaur Lord comes with single piece horse body. I'm not sure why this couldn't have been carried over to the box set.

When You Are A Lord You Get A More Solid Horse

I think the figures will paint up quite well and will look very nice on a multibase.


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