Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kickstarter - THM "Volcanic"

Lasted year I supported the first Kickstarter by THM where they produced a series of resin terrain pieces for Wargaming.

That was their first venture and it delivered on time - the only hiccup being the delayed delivery by Canada Post (never get anything sent surface to NZ - it took 10+ weeks). However when the package arrived the pieces were fantastic, painted up well and looked great on the table.

In mid-April they launched their second Kickstaeter with the "Volcanic" theme. Again this was successfully funded and given the quality of their first KS, I enthusiastically supported it, being one of their "Early Backers". This meant that delivery was scheduled for August 2016.

I paid the extra postage to have my package sent airmail and it arrived yesterday.

The piece in the top left is the Dark Altar and is 11" across. In the picture below you can see how crisp the detail is.

There was only a minimal amount of flash and that was only on a few pieces. It was restricted to the very edges and so was an easy clean up - 20 minutes for the whole lot using the GW Finecast Scraper.

I have a mix of lava pools, craters, fences and stalagmites to round out the table I plan.

All the pieces have now been washed to remove and release agent residue and this weekend I'm looking forward to painting them up.

THM are really the poster boys for a successful Kickstarter. They produce a great product, on time with realistic stretch goals. I'd have no hesitation supporting their future ventures or adding to my collection from their retail webstore.

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  1. Thanks Pete. Pretty excited! Mine are going to be later as I didnt get an 'early backer' alas. After I read about your experiences with the last KS shipping I ponied up for air shipping (noting there was a 'fire and forget' policy on surface shipping by THM this time, I guess due to the number of parcels that went MIA?). CAD$150 shipping REALLY hurt -- and was only known AFTER the KS closed (there was no calculator included), so that would be my only gripe against the 'poster child' label. Otherwise, awesome. And their pledge manager was a work of art.