Friday, August 12, 2016

The Hobby Corner - A Local Friendly Game Stockist

Yesterday I went up to Kapiti (40 miles north of Wellington) to see my mum. I know what you readers are thinking "what a wonderful and dutiful son Pete is! He never S fails to amaze us".

On the way home I stopped at Paraparumu Beach to check our The Hobby Corner which is part of the local pharmacy. Local business owner (and wargamer) Scott Bowman has combined his two loves to bring another hobby outlet to the area.

I became aware of The Hobby Corner at Call to Arms last weekend. Scott was there supporting the convention as one of the trade stands.

The shop stocks products from a wide number of manufacturers - Mantic, Warlord, Games Workshop, Army Painter, Vallejo, Perry Miniatures, Fantasy Flight Games, Woodland Scenics and I'm sure many others.

I can see it being an important hub for the local gamers and I know I'll drop in there regularly given my familial visits.

Good luck to Scott and thanks for taking the plunge.



  1. Many thanks for the plug Pete, and great to see you in store today with the other guys, much appreciated :)

  2. WOW that place is heaven.