Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hobby Update

Right, so back in New Zealand after my month away....and looking to get my hobby back on.

While I was away I managed to visit a Blick Art Shop in Boston and picked up a few hobby supplies. These included a model clamp, a wet palette, some Zip Kicker (super glue accelerant) and more airbrush cleaner. Took up little space and was dirt cheap all in all.

When I arrived back my Kraken battlemat that I sourced through Kickstarter had arrived. It was 2-3 months late which seems to be pretty good for a physical KS. This month is expected to see the delivery of the second THM KS which I'm greatly looking forward to.

On this weekend is the Warlords annual convention, Call to Arms. It is a split focus event with a multitude of different games being played. The numbers for KoW are very disappointing - the field has dropped to just 10 after some pullouts. Life is tough for TOs at the moment as there seems general apathy in the tournament wargaming community in general - the exception being the Christchurch 40k scene.

Hoping to get motivated to bring along some stuff for the Bring & Buy. It normally has a good turnout.

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