Friday, July 29, 2016

Crowdfunded Undying Dynasties/Empire of Dust/Tomb Kings

Just launched is a new crowdfunding initiative looking to provide figures for The Ninth Age "Undying Dynasties" army. These figures are also suitable for the Kings of War "Empire of the Dead" and for Warhammer "Tomb Kings".

Late last year, Games Workshop withdrew their Tomb Kings figures and this Indiegogo initiative is an attempt to step into the gap.

The figures aren't cheap - and I suspect that they may get a visit from GW's IP people at some stage - but good on them for trying.

I can't help thinking though that most East Europeans will just buy the cheaper Mantic figures for their ETC armies.

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  1. Not bad, I have taken a pledge looking at getting some Winged Reapers and Shabti.