Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Most of the weekend was taken up with WSS "Winter" which ran on Saturday. The event went off well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The idea of having a series of events tied go the local club has worked well. Entry for the events is free to club members and with four tournaments, a club membership is a 50% discount on entry (if you go to all four events). It has resulted in 12 new members plus the non-member entry has covered all the costs of trophies. Win-win.

Yesterday I started making the bases for my first "The Herd" units. These are my first attempts at multi basing.

I used various pieces of bark, slate and twig and have now primed them, prior to painting. I left the twig unpainted as I wasn't sure I could improve on nature.



  1. About to start on a lot of multi basing myself - do you recommend painting the base then adding the models?

    1. Thats how I'm looking to do it. Depends how elaborate the base is I guess

  2. It also depends on how many models you are putting on the base. Painting a horde base is FAR simpler if you paint it first... which seems obvious - but I have seen people attempt to do it afterwards (its not pretty)