Thursday, July 7, 2016

LOVE Multibasing - Lycan Horde

One of the big attractions of Kings of War for me was the opportunity to create diorama multibases.

I have always strived to give my armies interesting bases - be it DBM, 40k or WHFB - but KOW makes multibases an integral part of the game.

My first entirely KOW army will be The Herd and I have sourced miniatures from many different manufacturers and ranges. To tie this all together I was keen to have common basing that reflected the army's background.

Given my painting speed has slowed with age, I am very lucky to have a local painter who turns out high quality at a rapid speed. Sam Whitt's armies have gone from strength to strength and he is now painting a lot of The Herd for me.

Last week I posted some pictures of some WIP multibases and now I can post the finished article with minis included. Sam has done a great job on the wolves I'm using for Lycans.

The great thing about the basing is how quick it is to achieve good results. Bases comprise stones and twigs from garden, some bark, a variety of sands and tufts, some static grass and GW Agrellan Earth paint. The one above took about 2-3 hours work.

I'm currently working on a second unit and will post pictures when it is finished.



  1. Pete
    That's inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The base really captures the natural wild feel, great work.