Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shock & Awe - Ratkin List for Call to Arms

Sitting my San Francisco hotel on the last week of my winter migratory flight, I had to come up with a list for CTA five days after I return to the blustery climes of NZ.

So I played around with Easy Army and came up with an evolution on the list I had been using in recent months. As I've opined before I have not been enjoying my Brutes as I don't find that I get real value out of them. They have generally been susceptible to shooting and with the lower nerve they can disappear fast.

My new list removes them and also replaces a Slave unit with a Vermintide Regiment. I initially used a Horde of these but I got rid of them from my list as I played around with points. Now they are back and I've added a second Shock Troop Horde to replace the Brutes.

Ratkin - SHOCK & AWE

  • 3x Tunnel Slave Regiments
  • 2x Shock Troop Hordes
  • Blight Horde
  • Vermintide Regiment
  • 2x Weapons Teams with Storm of Lead
  • 2x Death Engine with Vile Sorcery
  • Swarm Crier
  • Warlock with Bane Chant and Inspiring Talisman
  • Daemon-spawn with Wings

The real distinguishing thing is the lack of Magic Items. I've spent a total of 20 points (the Talisman is really necessary) with the other 1980 points on units.

I like the list as it has a little bit of everything in it and I generally find that KoW works best with combined arms.


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  1. I can attest to the efficacy of the list (though slightly different). Should serve you well this weekend.