Monday, July 4, 2016

Rules Questions Asked At This Weekend's Event

This weekend I had only two questions asked of me - other than the normal "flank or front" judgement calls.

  • If a unit is in terrain that provides cover and shoots at another unit also in that terrain piece, does the shooter take the cover modifier? Yes
  • Can a unit countercharge a unit to its flank if there is no room to pivot due to the close proximity of other units? Yes, but only if its final position is completely free of other units. During a Countercharge, the pivot can take it over other units but after it has contacted its target, it must be completely clear of all units. It may slide to achieve this.
The situation in the second question is covered in the most recent FAQ where there are diagrams illustrating this. It was also a question that had previously provided confusion in threads on Mantic Forum prior to the FAQ being issued.

I will say, as an Umpire, I find KoW an excellent set of tournament rules where the rule is easily found in the well written and logical rulebook. This makes umpiring a relatively painless process.


  1. I had an unusual one come up in non tournament game.
    A unit covered all the criteria to charge:
    Distance, Front Arc, could fit
    however there was impassable terrain close by. Its pivot to avoid the terrain meant it missed the enemy unless it had a second pivot.
    It does say that you go the most direct route avoiding enemy units and impassable terrain but you could argue it breaks the one pivot rule.

    We played it that the charge goes ahead as the stipulated criteria were all met

    1. since it does not have nimble it would not be able to make it.

    2. I agree with Jayden, based on the information given

  2. Yes, I agree I got it wrong. If it was an enemy unit rather than terrain I would certainly have said it is not a valid charge.