Sunday, July 3, 2016

WSS Winter Photos

Here are a selection of photos I took at WSS Winter yesterday.

Sam Whitt, Otaki's very own "Mother of Dragons" was leading into the fourth round but saw his dreams crumble against Peter Williamson's Empire of Dust.

An elf-off in the last round saw Rex Foote prevail versus Kent Jackson.

By all accounts Kent's Elves withered against the torrent of fire from Rex's two shooting hordes.

Higgins' Ogre Legion on the prowl.

Though very dark - photo doesn't do it justice - Ian Dixon's Fleabags were my favourite looking unit at the event.

"Krystal-with-a-K", Tane Woodley's Dwarf Behemoth.

Hugh Dixon's Elves rush to man the barricades versus Tane. The two drew their final game and finished on the same points. Tane snatched 3rd due to his greater kill score.

Tane's Wall of De 6.

Peter Williamson's Empire of Dust. Peter won the final game of "Pillage" to leapfrog Sam into First.

Goblin's face off against Undead. Jayden beat Ryan in last round to pop up in 5th.

Jayden Howell borrowed my son, Jack's Goblin army. Here two Legions of Rabble hold the centre.

The flanks of this game saw Werewolves and Wraiths up against Sniffs and Trolls.O

Ogres versus Undead in Round 3 "Loot"

It was looking like a stroll for the Ogres until Ryan unleashed a fight back resulting in a draw. Most spectators were shocked that Higgins could throw it away.

Sam's Twilight Kin beat Hugh's Elves in Round 3.

In Round Two the Kin beat the Undead in "Dominate".

Round Two also saw a Goblin-off between Jayden and Neil Williamson. Neil received the Best Army award for bringing 22 drops of Goblins and not timing out!

Elves versus Ogres in Round Two.

The Dwarfs proved far too strong for the Elves in "Dominate". Rex couldn't move the Dwarf Wall from the centre.

More action from the Goblin clash. Jayden proved he was the Goblin King in the end.

Sam's TK looking ready to launch a strike down the Undead lines.



  1. there were some very nice armies at the event and good to see some new models and even the Dwarfs moving across the table. a huge number of drops in the goblin armies

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures. It is really inspiring to see all these beautiful forces. Yet again "mass fantasy battle" description could not be more true as in the case of Kings of War games!