Friday, July 1, 2016

Painting At Future FOB Events

Over the past 12 months there have been relaxed painting criteria at Fields of Blood run events. This is largely because Kings of War issued a new edition and indeed for most people was a new game.

The intention was to allow people time to transition to the new game, build new armies or rebase if necessary.

Well a year has past and I'm of the opinion that those that intended doing so, probably have. And so for future events I'll be insisting on painted armies and utilising paint scoring.

As in the past, this will be a checklist system whereby there will be 45-50 points on offer but you only need to get 35 points to get full painting marks. The infamous "checklist" will return.

All the reasons of why I have used this in the past still hold true. For me - and let's not forget it is all about me - Wargaming is a visual hobby. If I am organising an event I go to a lot of effort to create nice tabletops with high quality, functional terrain. Therefore I want those boards to be complemented by painted armies.

I can hear the groans already but as with WHFB in the past the outcome is worth the noise.

This doesn't mean that you have to rebase your figures on multibases. Quite happy for people to use individually mounted figures in the appropriate trays. These are cheap (try Sarissa Precision) or you can easily make them yourself.

However your army will have to be painted to a minimum tabletop standard. Given that that covers everyone at the past two events that shouldn't cause too many waves.


  1. Can I see an example of this the scores.

    Not a fan of painting scores beyond having a minimum but I need to make sure that my current project will be able to maximize points here.

    1. Check out this thread

      Lots of fun comments too.

      However you can get to 35 points very easily.

      When painting only makes up 10% of the score and everyone scores between 30-35 points (read 8-10%) the impact is minimal.

      But differentiation isn't the point. The key outcome is that all armies are painted to at least a tabletop standard.

      Your Samurai would have got full points. If hard judge you'd be at worst 33/35 so 9.2/10%

    2. Sweet as thats easy enough then. Cheers

  2. Wow that thread brought back memories.

    Don't fear the painting spreadsheet. I initially lost points for many tournaments when I switched to WHFB - basically from not finishing models/basing/trays. I was not a confident painter.

    In the end the clear and advanced notice of what specifically the painting judges were looking for gave me a direct guide on what to practice and achieve. It helped me a great deal and it's why my WHFB models look far superior to my 40k models which were always minimum standard.

    I didn't use fancy equipment, just spent a little more time and utilised feedback provided. Also I picked up some random metal models that I would paint, strip (5 min with oven cleaner and a toothbrush), re paint until I was happy.

    If anyone has any concerns I am sure a few photos of the army to any TO in advance and they would be happy to advise/recommend/discuss. There is a huge wealth of painting knowledge out there and I'm sure we all started off pretty average to terrible.