Friday, July 1, 2016

Winterdale Turret - Six Piece 3D Tower

On Monday and Tuesday I printed off the Winterdale Turret that came as part of the Indigogo crowd funding campaign run in April/May.

The turret is a modular tower that you can make as high as you want. You can also use it to put on the towers for the Winterdale Castle.

These are the six modular pieces straight from the printer. There are two of the window floor but effectively five unique.

  • Roof Section
  • Ring Support for Roof
  • Window Floor
  • Door Floor
  • Base

You can do without the base if you need to.

The pieces fit together flawlessly. The interiors are all detailed. I will likely put plastic pins in to help in game use (don't want floors falling off).

All together the six pieces took 48 hours of printing time. However my direct interaction was only about an hour. This included ten minutes using Cura (free software programme that converts STL files to Gcode) and loading them on SD card.

From the web I have found out about a product called XTC-3D which is a resin coating for PLA (the plastic filament) prints. I am going to use that tomorrow to seal the pieces and see if it improves finish as much as it promotes.

My tower stands 12" high. I intend painting it up over next week and will post it once it is finished.


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  1. Looks great, seems like the printer is working out well. Can you print a spiral staircase for the interior?