Tuesday, May 2, 2017

KOW - Terrain: Tabletop World River Mill

I've had the TTW River Mill sitting partly painted on my painting table for the past two months. It's presence has me making guilty sidelong glances and has stopped me jumping into any new painting projects.

Mid last week I decided that I had to get it finished and so I've spent a week of evenings completing it.

Excuse the poor lighting.

It is a three storey building with a stone cellar, grindstone mill apparatus and upstairs office. I have mounted it on a GF9 river section so I can use it in-game.

Cork was used to build up the base and then I applied static grass and tufts.

Overall the piece stands about 9-10" high.



  1. Those are great pieces. How does it compare with the printed ones? Oh, and are you following Mantics's scenery kickstarter?

    1. TTW is at the pinnacle in regards to wargaming terrain. Quality comes at a price though.

      Saw the Mantic KS. Wasn't for me. TBH I think it is aimed more at the skirmish side of things e.g. Dungeoncrawlers

    2. Excellent work. I especially like the little boat to add some flavour.

      The new terrain crate is will be great for this sort of scenery and will add erest

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