Wednesday, May 10, 2017

KOW - Ratkin Multibasing: Proof of Concept

On the weekend I started multibasing my Ratkin. I thought the process would take a long time but it looks like I grossly overestimated the required effort.

Last night I finished all the Tunnel Slaves - one Horde, extras to make a Legion and three Regiments. This morning I did the two Hordes of Clan Warriors.

The unit is on an MDF bases with home made pavers and cork/diorama effects debris.

The brave Clan Warriors are bunched behind the debris waiting for the enemy to engage.

All around is the evidence that these brave souls have voided their bowels as the Musk of Fear overtakes them.

I've tried to capture their "bravery" by grouping them all to the back half of the base - managed to squeeze in 29 figures so MMC is achieved.

Pretty sure when the fighting starts it will be every rat for himself as the most perceptive of them offers to "Go and get help".



  1. I really like how multi-basing allows you to tell a story with your troops it really adds to the feel of an army.

  2. Would look ten times better on rounds.