Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Made some real progress this week on some things that are dear to my heart.

First up, as per my previous post, I started the multibasing for my Ratkin. I was dreading doing this but may solid in-roads into the task after a single day. Managed to build on that over the last 24 hours and I can see a definite endpoint. My big concern from here is removing plastic models from resin bases to mount on new mdf ones. I expect the best option will be to use a wide exacto blade....and pray to the Horned Rat.

I have also managed to get the FW Brood Horror painted. This model has sat in my unpainted models drawer downstairs for probably 7-8 years so it is great to get it painted. I now have to paint his rider which will likely take a couple of evenings. Then he can be the centrepiece of my Blight Horde.

On Saturday I managed to get in two games down at the Warlords. In the first, I was narrowly beaten by Lliam's Forces of the Abyss in the "Bounty" mission. I really enjoyed this scenario. The variable Bounty values give it layers of nuance. In the second game, I played Josh's Orcs in "Ransack". The Herd were ultimately victorious but not until after they had seen their Lycans removed by a Regiment of Morax with Brew of Sharpness. This left a hole in the Herd lines that they had to quick fill before the Orcs exploited the breach. Luckily I was able to pivot a Stampede and charge past its initial target to hit the Morax. My second line then moved forward to cover their initial position.

Over the week I have been enjoying the glimpses we have been getting of the new 40k rules on the Warhammer Community page. This strategy of highlighting specific rules and mechanisms prior to the release of the new edition in June has been excellent IMO. For someone who is looking to come back to the game, not having to deal with the bloated corpse that was 5-7th Ed Warhammer is great. There is no baggage, no requirement for "institutional knowledge". I am very optimistic on the new rules set though I think that it may be a real shock for some of the current player base. From what I've read it looks like it will herald a return to "realistic" armies that win through synergy and tactics and where games are played to a conclusion rather with list designed never to see Turn 4.

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  1. Since you've not said it yourself, I'll here acknowledge that but for a lucky (or not) snake eyes the result would've very probably gone the other way.