Tuesday, May 30, 2017

KOW - Ratkin Communard: Warriors

The Ratkin Warriors are meant to form the backbone of the Ratkin army (now there's an oxymoron) but strangely you rarely see them on the table.

My thinking is that the extra +2 Defence and lack of Yellow-bellied compared to Slaves, while nice, is not necessarily vital in a chaff role. The additional cost is best spent elsewhere in the list. Similarly the benefits Shock Troops get..... +1 to Hit, Elite, Vicious and +1 Ne..... make them worth the extra points as a frontline troop.

That said, I have built two Hordes for larger games.

The first unit sits huddled behind its rubble pile bravely squirting the musk of fear. A loud noise will likely have them bolting.
The second unit is a bit braver. At least they've made it to the front of the base!

They are trekking through sodden craters filled with "water" en route to the frontline. Unlike the Slaves they at least wear some of the Communard Red in their uniforms.

I'm guessing though that if they are still around at the end of the battle to celebrate the victory of the Proleta-Rat then the uniforms will be a mix of red and brown - fluids shed in the Ratkin Cause.


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