Sunday, May 28, 2017

KOW - Ratkin Communard: Tunnel Slaves

I have recently re-based my rats on multibases signalling all-in on Kings of War.

My Ratkin are the "Ratkin Communard" because "All Rats Are Equal....Some Are Just More Equal Than Others".

Over the next fortnight I'll post up pictures of the army. Decided that the best way is Unit choice by Unit choice. The first out of the block are the frontline Tunnel Slaves. These brave souls spurred by patriotic zeal (and whips) take the fight to the enemy.

I love these guys. A Regiment is 60 points, a Horde 100 and the mighty Legion 145. I have three Regiments, a Horde and a split Regiment that I can convert the Horde into a Legion.

My Slaves ( I hate that word...let's call then the Proletariat) are probably my favourite unit. I take at least three units, four if I can fit them. What I like is they do what exactly what it says on the can. You can bolster their Nerve and they do stick around...brave souls!

My Slaves are so enthusiastic that they push a Screaming Bell of their own construction into combat. The components of the platform are made from the gnawings of their own beds/tables, helpfully destroyed dismantled by the Shock Troops.

The Slaves proudly wear the drab and colourless rags of their station....not for them the colourful, warm clothing of the rest of the Communard. That would distract them from their struggle against inequity.

The Fight will continue until (almost) everyone is free!


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