Wednesday, May 24, 2017

KOW - The Nudge: Proximity to Enemies

One rule that often gets played wrong in Kings of War concerns what happens when you contact a second unit as part of a charge. This often happens when the enemy has a battleline of 2 or more units.

The rules for this are covered under "Proximity to Enemies". This is Page 56 in the Hardback Edition, Page 11 in the softback "Gamer's Edition" and Page 141 in the Digital Edition.

Part of the reason for the confusion is that there is a discrepancy in the text of this section in the "Gamers Edition" which is the one you see most at events. It mentions that you should "nudge these enemy units away by an inch or as much as possible to ensure that they are no longer touching".

This is incorrect and Mantic have covered the discrepancy by including an errata in the KOW FAQ:

Page 56, Proximity to Enemies: 

The Gamer’s Edition text is wrong. The hardback book is correct. The hardback book text is:

Remember that when charging, units don’t have to stay 1" away from enemies, and this means that sometimes a charging unit may end up in contact with both its target and one or more enemy units it has not charged (e.g. when charging a unit that is part of a tight enemy battle line). In this case, you’ll have to nudge these enemy units away to ensure that they are no longer touching.

The reference to "an inch" has been removed and so now all you should do is ensure that there is a noticeable gap between the charging unit and the enemy who weren't charged. In the example above this is most easily achieved by moving the two adjacent (non-charged) units back 1mm. This should happen immediately.

As a TO, I make sure that the errata is pointed out to participants before the event so that everyone is aware that Mantic have addressed the text discrepancy.

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