Thursday, May 11, 2017

KOW - The Spoils of War

So after three days I have completed the multibasing of my Ratkin.

And here are the spoils of war:

Over 300 resin bases and 15 Movement trays liberated in the process. I'm not going to lie, it brings a little tear to my eye when I think of how much effort went in constructing the trays - paper steel inners and magnetised bases - or painting, flocking and tufting the resin bases (all have rare earth magnets inset in the base). Now all I have to do is fine a Ninth Age player who wants square resin bases and trays!!!

And what do I get for this? Well my Ratkin are all multibased and ready to go.

Let the Vermintide begin!



  1. Good work. Release the... ratkin? Do not sound epic... OH WAITTTT ARRRG (^_^)

    1. What about "Ratkin - Cuter than a Brony Convention"