Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

As well as WSS Autumn tournament, I got another game in versus Carson's Forces of Nature army during the week. Carson has a beautifully painted army and it was disappointing that a gardening accident on Friday meant he wasn't able to make it for the tournament. Moral of the Story: Stay away from outside - it's a scary place.

The Goblin basing was completed and I've now started on the Orcs. They have all now been given a Coelia Greenshade wash and had pins put in their feet ready for re-basing. I'm waiting for the mdf bases to arrive from Sarissa - hopefully today.

Speaking of bases, one of our locals has bought a laser cutter and I had him make some Kings of War bases which he brought along to show the players at WSS Autumn. They look really good and he will be supplying me with a price list in the next few days. Local supply at competitive prices means we should see more armies transition over to multibasing.

This week I'm hoping to get the Orcs based as well as paint a Ratkin hero, two Goblin Shamans and some Goblin Herders. There is also a Goblin Chariot unit that I may look to add to the Goblins. Later in the week I need to pick up more basing supplies - especially tufts - as I am motoring through them.

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