Monday, May 15, 2017

KOW - Lists for Warlords' Super Series "Autumn"

The lists for next weekend's Warlords' Super Series tournament have been lodged and can be found here

The Best Things Come in Pairs!

Ten participants and it seems we are going all "Noah's Ark".

  • 2x Dwarf
  • 2x Forces of Nature
  • 2x Undead
  • 2x Orcs
  • 1x Varrangur
  • 1x The Herd
If The Herd and Varrangur can put aside their differences and combine in a party of awesomeness, I think there will have to be an award for Best Race (based on combined scores).

Check out David Stuart's Dwarf list. I can't work out whether it is brilliant or a prospective car crash.


  1. It's probably the latter - but as a relatively novice player why not try a few different things eh? I'm applying the latest 'fail fast' methodologies to my list

    1. It is just fantastic to see something that is so different. I honestly don't know how it will go. It's going to make for some great games though I reckon.