Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Last week I ordered mdf bases from Sarissa Precision to multibase my Rats. I started the work on some existing mdf bases I had and was rather pleased with the result - until I realised that they were the wrong size. Doh!

I'm hoping that the correct bases arrive early this week so I can get the project underway properly!

Spent the weekend working on my Tabletop World River Mill and the painting is now finished and it is ready for basing. I ordered some Gale Force Nine River sections from Mighty Ape and they should be here tomorrow. Once that I have finished it I will post photos.

Had a KOW game down at Warlords on Saturday. I am gradually working through the new scenarios and in this game played "Occupy".

Less than three weeks until WSS - Autumn at Warlords so get those registrations in.

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