Monday, May 22, 2017

KOW - Play Examples From Norway

The Giant Dwarf Podcast have posted a couple of videos that illustrate in-game examples of mechanisms that come up regularly. I thought I'd post the videos here so that those that haven't seen them can benefit from their efforts.

These videos by Fred and Lars are well worth checking out.


  1. I find the line-up to charge situation interesting.
    I have not been playing it this way and can find no reference to it in the rule book.
    The demo shows that the leader point is aligned to the nearest point of the enemy unit then you move your unit directly at that point.
    I've always played you align your leader point to the leader point (or as close to it as possible) and then move your unit. I do this because that is where you aim to end up, in leader to leader point contact.
    The different interpretations will result in different results with regard to hindered charges.
    Any thoughts/corrections?

    1. I believe the shortest distance is the correct that would suggest you are doing it wrong

  2. The shortest distance on the video is corner to corner.
    Both ways of interpreting the charge mean the unit travels the same distance I think. Corner to Corner or Pivot and centre to corner.
    It could be different when a regiment charges a horde maybe?
    I think I would have to play around with some units to see.

    1. The key is that you can not manoeuvre to avoid being Hindered, even if Nimble

    2. I'm not doing that and haven't done that.
      I think I'll have to show you when we next meet what I mean.
      Units and terrain have to be positioned just right for it to make a difference so the effect is small.
      It might be a good idea to have a quick demo for everybody of the way it should be played at the start of our next tourny.

    3. Wasn't meaning to imply you were Neil. Just that if thru terrain is shortest route you must go that way. Also shortest is determined before pivot.

      good idea to go thru it prior to event