Sunday, May 21, 2017

KOW - The Little Beast Pack That Could

This is the story of the Little Beast Pack that could.

Picture the scene dear reader - the top table at WSS Autumn, Round 3 - the Herd versus the Forces of Nature. The two armies clash in "Push" and on Turn One the brave little Beast Pack rushes forward and sits on the central objective.

What follows next is a heroic tale of epic proportions deserving of a saga to be told around fires for the next thousand years.

Turn 1

A Horde of Water Elementals charge the Pack inflicting 9 wounds on it. They roll the Nerve Check and break the unit. The Beast Pack see the Shaman and the test is re-rolled Snakes Eyes. Next turn the Beast Pack (oh and a Stampede) remove the Elementals.

Turn 2

The Winged Unicorn cast Lightning Bolt on the Beast Pack inflicting one wound. The Nerve Test is rolled and Snake Eyes.

Turn 3

The only unit that can charge the Beast Pack is a Druid. The Druid wounds the Beast Pack who fail the Nerve Test. This time the Pack sees the Tribal Totem Bearer and re-roll the Test .... Snakes Eyes

Turn 4

The Beast Pack charges the Druid but fails to wound. In response the Druid reciprocates whiffing all its attacks.

Turn 5

Dropping their Loot counter the Beast Pack countercharges the Druid and wavers it.

Turn 6

The Beast Pack stands in front of its counter. The Druid decides it has better things to do than bother the dogs and retreats. Unfortunately for the FoN, all their other units are otherwise engaged.

Turn 7

The Herd remove the last of the FoN army while the Beast Pack stands where it has from Turn One.

And that my friends is the "Tale of the Little Beast Pack who Could". Seventy points of awesomeness that stood their ground and would not be bowed, no matter what the odds.

They are the example to all of us that if your cause is true and you are stout of heart then you can achieve anything!



  1. At my RPG table we talk in whispers about d6 dogs...

  2. Its nice to see that heroic moments can occur in Kings of War. Its one of the things that I thought would be missing on the transfer from WHFB. The heroic last stand or some astronomical odds conflict.
    Its rarer but great it is still there.