Monday, May 8, 2017

KOW - Review: Vallejo Earth Texture

Recently I picked up a jar of Vallejo Earth Texture. It comes in a 200ml container and in a variety of colours. The variant I got was Dark Earth which is a brownish grey.

It has a thick paste consistency, is an acrylic - so cleanup in water - and dries in 30-45 minutes. The consistency is similar to the GW Textured Paint but obviously the 200ml capacity makes it far cheaper (GW is $13 for 24mls whereas this retails around $25 [NZ Prices]. That makes it about a quarter of the price).

I apply it using an old paint brush in "gloops" which I then work into the required position. Besides its more useful consistency over filler, it is coloured so if it ever chips you aren't left with unsightly white surfaces to repair.

I use it to provide additional texture to flat surfaces like cork or MDF. It is also great to apply over a layer/pile of coarse grit as is fills some of the holes and gaps. Originally I was using it on the bases of terrain but now I use it on my figure bases as well.

This is rapidly becoming one of my "Go To " hobby products and I strongly recommend that you add it to your painting table.


  1. Who sells it? Or did you buy online?

  2. Love this stuff. It covers those mantis minis discs on the older undead, dwarf and elf ranges with ease.

    Good write up.